Success Story: Alyssa (Barista Skills Program)

Throughout Alyssa’s childhood her family moved around a lot.  Her upbringing wasn’t always positive.  Her happiest moment was when she graduated from high school because no one believed she could do it.  After graduating, she pursued cosmetology because that was what she had been pushed into doing.  All her life she had been told that… Continue reading Success Story: Alyssa (Barista Skills Program)

Success Story: James (Operation: GoodJobs)

Not every 18-year-old knows what he or she wants to do after graduating high school. James thought he did.  He pursued training to be a diesel mechanic but found that he didn’t have the passion for that career field.  Soon after a friend recommended that he join the military. “When I told my mom that I was… Continue reading Success Story: James (Operation: GoodJobs)