Success Story: Jessica (Barista Skills Program)

Jessica S Success Story

“Heroin took over three long years of my life. It gave me a false sense of comfort, an escape from the loneliness and discomfort I felt.” Luckily, Jessica was able to break free from her destructive behavior and entered a rehabilitation program. To stay clean, Jessica knew she needed to make some goals. “I needed… Continue reading Success Story: Jessica (Barista Skills Program)

Success Story: Lloyd (Operation: GoodJobs)

After Lloyd graduated from high school, he looked to a local community college to begin his career search. “I had worked with my family’s business, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life,” he said.  He soon realized that he was just treading water. “I decided to join the Army… Continue reading Success Story: Lloyd (Operation: GoodJobs)