Success Story: Angela (Computer Skills Program)

When Angela’s daughter was young she decided to open a small in-home daycare.  She cared for a few of her friends children along with her own daughter.  When her daughter got older Angela decided to venture back to the workforce.  Prior to opening her daycare, Angela had completed some medical secretary courses and performed a variety of odd jobs.  However, she new she lacked the computer skills needed to find a good job and long term career.

She decided to look into training courses where she could focus on advancing her skills in Microsoft office, including Word and Excel.  She found that the classes were expensive and even with grants it was more than she could afford.  During her search, her mom suggested she check out the Computer Skills Training program at Goodwill.

“I’m proud of my accomplishments and feel a lot more prepared to re-enter the job market with the new skills I have obtained through the training received,”  She said.  “I feel more confident and can’t wait to find a job with advancement opportunities.”

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