Success Story: David (Operation: GoodJobs)

David T Success Story

David T. wasn’t born into a wealthy family, but he knew he could see the world and get an education by joining the U.S. Navy.   “I learned a lot about myself during those years,” he said.

When he came home to Olympia, David worked with his father in a painting business for a while, but after a couple years, he had an epiphany.  “I knew that I wanted more than painting.  I wanted to be and do more, so I decided to get some education,” he said.

David used his G.I. Bill benefits at a local technical college to learn television production.

It seemed like all was going well until the late 1990s when downsizing left him with a severance package.  David went back to the technical college, this time as an instructor in television production.   After a couple years, funding dried up and he again was without employment.  He was adrift.

Thankfully, David had friends and family who were there to put a roof over his head and connections to employment.

During that time, he heard about Goodwill.  David signed up and excelled.  Within a few months, he had completed two classes and was a client of Operation: GoodJobs, quickly leading to a full-time job in a career field he knew from many years ago – painting.

David is rebuilding his life and looks back on all that he has done.  He likes to share his lessons learned – in painting and life – with other veterans and his painting team.

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